The cost of the advertising campaigns for Biden and Trump

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The cost of the advertising campaigns for Biden and Trump

A few days from now, it will be decided who is the next president of the United States,after the US elections scheduled for the first Tuesday in February 2020 between Joe Biden,

Unable to land hits on Biden, Trump paints him as socialist Trojan horse

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the Democratic Party’s candidate, and Donald Trump, the Republican candidate.
In a study conducted by the Responsive Politics Center, which is a group interested in tracking money and the way it is spent in politics,

Biden and Trump

the center expected that the cost of the elections would reach nearly 11 billion dollars, and this is a very huge amount compared to the 2016 elections, where the total cost of the elections was about 7 billion dollars, but the candidates Biden and Trump may have Spend about $ 55 million on Facebook and Google ads

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