How To Count Electoral Votes For America’s Presidential Election

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How to count electoral votes for america’s presidential election

Electoral votes are counted in three stages, including the first stage, which is called “preliminary counting”, so that ballot boxes are opened by the elected officials before the announcement of the results of the presidential election, in order to count the invalid votes from the valid votes, which result in approximately 80 million votes, and that count in the states of Florida and Arizona.

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How To Count Electoral Votes For America's Presidential Election

The second phase is on Election Day, november 3rd, and the state of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania will not touch these votes until Election Day, which makes the counting of electoral votes slow.

The third stage is that some states receive electoral votes by mail, which may take a day or two to reach the states where the votes are counted and to bite those states with late votes, Georgia and Ohio.

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How To Count Electoral Votes For America's Presidential Election

How the winner of the presidential election is determined

Local officials count the correct votes and enter them into the database.

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 Electoral Votes

It is advertised by the media, but this is always a prediction of the result of each state and not a final result, due to the voices that are used by mail, so it takes a long time to count.

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