Obama supports Biden in his election campaign

Obama supports Biden in his election campaign

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Obama supports Biden in his election campaign

The US election begins tomorrow between the two election candidates, Joe Biden and incumbent President Donald Trump
Joe Biden’s campaign for the first time since its inception witnessed former President Barack Obama’s support for Biden, as he rose with him on the podium in the US state of Michigan in a signal from Obama to Biden’s support.

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It is worth noting that Joe Biden was former Vice President Barack Obama in his presidential term, and Biden belongs to the Democratic Party.

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On the other hand, Donald Trump continues his election campaign in Pennsylvania, announcing that he has reduced the Coronavirus epidemic in the United States, and Trump seeks to stay in the White House for the next 4 years after a first presidential term in which some saw economic successes before the Corona virus spreads and the economy recedes. Only in America, but worldwide

Obama Officially Endorses Biden For President | WUWM

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Biden takes advantage of this point to his advantage in his election campaign, denouncing the inability of Trump and his government to deal with the Corona virus, describing Trump’s position to surrender to the epidemic and sacrifice his people

Obama Endorses Biden, Says 'Country's Future Hangs on This Election' |  Voice of America - English

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