Who’s Going To Win The Presidential Election In America?

Election In America

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Who’s going to win the presidential election in America?


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U.S Election Results 2020
Election In America

The delay may cause the final result to be announced due to the postal vote.

– Biden heads to win Arizona, which Trump won in the 2016 election with 82% of the vote counted

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– Trump maintains Florida, which he won in 2016 after 96% of votes counted

– The race continues in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia

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Florida and Minnesota results

Biden won Minnesota with 53% of 3,196,739 votes, Trump 45%, Florida’s Republican candidate 51% of 1,103,144votes, and Biden 48%.

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Election In America
Election In America

Trump won Ohio with 53% of 5,701,651 votes, Biden 45%, Arizona’s Democratic candidate 52% of 2,639,559 votes, and Trump 47%

Election In America
Election In America

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