The Race For The White House Continues To Be A Sign Of The Latest Developments In America’s Presidential Election.

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The race for the White House continues to be a sign of the latest developments in america’s presidential election.


The race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden continues, and as the counting of votes draws to a close, they both have a number of votes as follows.

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After nearly 98% of Georgia’s 16-vote votes were counted from the electoral college, the difference between Trump and Biden narrowed to less than 40,000.

Unresolved states


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1. Nevada: 75% of votes counted

Biden: 49.3%

Trump: 48.7%

2. Pennsylvania: 89% of votes counted

Biden: 48.1%

Trump: 50.7%

3. North Carolina: 94% of votes counted

– Biden: 48.7%

– Trump: 50.1%

Georgia: 98% of votes counted

– Biden: 49.1%

– Trump: 49.7%

5. Alaska: 50% of votes counted

– Biden: 33.5%

– Trump: 62.1%

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Joe Biden also surpasses Barack Obama’s famous 2008 vote count.

Obama won nearly 69.5 million votes in 2008 election

Biden has recorded more than 72 million votes so far.

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