The Guardian: What does the silence of Russia and China mean after Biden’s victory?


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The Guardian: What does the silence of Russia and China mean after Biden’s victory?

Britain’s Guardian newspaper questioned the silence of Russia and China, while world leaders congratulate democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who won according to unofficial preliminary figures.

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Joe Biden and Donald Trump: From Elections to Judiciary

In an article by the paper’s diplomatic editor, Patrick Wintour, the writer noted that most world leaders were quick to congratulate, with the exception of Russia and China, who remained silent awaiting Trump’s announcement of his

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He drew attention to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is accused of colluding with Trump to win the 2016 election, and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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Joe Biden's
A number of votes are being counted in the United States in the run-up to tuesday’s election, which resulted in Democrat Joe B-iden winning the presidency at the expense of incumbent Republican President Donald

the election results and despite the announcement of Biden’s victory, but three states did not announce the result: Alaska, where the Democratic candidate is not expected to have any chances, North Carolina, comfortably tilted in favor of Trump, and Georgia, whose exit from Republican hands would be a major blow to them.

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Joe Biden Arizona’s media adds to the list, although most platforms have decided to give it to
Even if Trump wins all those states, including taking Arizona out of his Democratic rival, the total seats in the electoral college are not enough to save him from the

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