The latest developments in the new Corona virus and the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine

Global Health: Pfizer Vaccine May Change Corona Epidemic Status By March 2021

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The latest developments in the new Corona virus and the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine

Corona virus


 The Pfizer vaccine has been subjected to a lot of criticism that has been produced by Pfizer and Biontech that it has proven effective in Britain and that they are about to rely on it as a vaccine for the emerging corona virus.

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 Britain has given the necessary approval in order for the Pfizer vaccine to be launched during this week. It has also requested 40 million doses, sufficient to vaccinate 20 million people, and despite that, the British population exceeds 67 million.

Corona virus
covid 19


 Britain has decided to give the Pfizer vaccine to those over the age of 80 and health workers.

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 It is expected that only 800 thousand doses will be available in the first week.


 Yesterday, Saturday, the Executive Director of Pfizer said, “He is very confident about the safety of the vaccine to the extent that he is ready to take the vaccine today and give it to his mother as soon as possible.”

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 Also, many companies have recovered to store Corona virus vaccine at very low temperatures, because the Corona virus vaccine for Pfizer must be stored at a temperature of minus 70 degrees Celsius and its effectiveness continues in the regular refrigerator for a period of no more than five days, and this is why many companies Producing refrigerators with temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius.

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 And the imposition of a curfew in the states is still an imperative measure in order to reduce new infections, and that is also because hospitals do not absorb the huge number of injured people. Homes, and this procedure comes after more than 25,000 new cases of Coronavirus were infected last Friday.

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