Natalie Desselle passed away at the age of 53

Natalie Desselle

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Natalie Desselle passed away at the age of 53

Natalie Decil
Natalie Desselle passed away at the age of 53

Barr led the death of the American actress Natalie DeCell at the age of 53, and her death was due to colon cancer, according to her former director, Dolores Robinson.

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Natalie had presented many classic comedies and also made the movie “Baps”, which was shown in 1997, a wonderful comedy that is admired by many at this time.

Natalie Desselle
Natalie Desselle passed away at the age of 53

She also presented the famous critically acclaimed movie called “Black American Princesses,” and the film’s director, Robert Townsend, said in a previous statement: “I didn’t find anyone I thought had charisma and would create comedic chemistry.” Then an actor friend mentioned that there was a talented newcomer in his acting class. So he went to tell her Mrs. Deciel and after meeting her he wrote that she was “absolutely wonderful with her innocent charm.”

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“She has made it clear to us that it’s okay to be goofy and funny while still being extraordinarily honest and kind,” said Mrs. Berry in a statement. She also said that Mrs. Natalie Deciel “represents the true black woman, not what is seen as the black woman.”

Natalie Desselle was born in Los Angeles on July 12, 1967. Her father, Paul Dessel, was an Executive Ground Ranger at the British Air Force Base in Alexandria. Her mother, Thelma, used to work in a cafeteria until she later became an administrative assistant at Peabody Magent High School.

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From which Natalie Desselle and her sisters Paula, Callisa, and her brother Sherman all come out.

On April 6, 2003, Mrs. Deciel married Leonard Reed. She gave birth to a son, Sereno, 23, and two teenage daughters, Samar, and Sasha. Mrs. Deciel took her husband’s surname and went on to work as Natalie Deceel.

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