Protests in Bogota, about the killing of Javier Ordonez by the police


شارك هذه المقالة علي صفحات التواصل الاجتماعي

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Protests in Bogota, about the killing of Javier Ordonez by the police


Duringg the past two days, demonstrations took place in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, for citizen protests over the killing of attorney Javier Ordonez and a father of two children, and he was pleading with the police not to shock him with pistols, but this did not help, so the police electrocuted him approximately five times while he was lying on the ground and was begging them To stop.

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 And that incident angered many residents of Colombia, especially Bogota, as the demonstrations were very violent and resulted in 11 deaths, and more than 300 wounded by the security forces and citizens.


 As Defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo explained, after the protesters attacked police stations, “We are facing tremendous violence.”

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 Lopez explained in a tweet on the social networking site Twitter, “that 326 people were injured during clashes between riot police and protesters, among them 114 policemen. She explained that 58 of the injured were shot.” There is strong evidence of the indiscriminate use of firearms. By the police. What kind of training do they receive in order to obtain this totally disproportionate response to the protest? “.

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 In the footage circulated on social media, Ordonez was heard shouting, “Please, stop.”

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 After that, he was transferred to the police station, and his family says that the police continued to assault Ordonez after his transfer to their station, and then he was transferred to his medical facility, where he died and shortly after his transfer.

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