Charlie Pride died of infection with the Corona virus

Charlie Pride

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Charlie Pride died of infection with the Corona virus

Charlie Pride


Charlie Braid passed away at the age of 86, who was called the first black artist who sang country music and was the first member of his Hall of Fame country music. Singer’s website.


 Charlie Pride was born on March 18, 1934 in Sledge, Missouri, and the road to country musical stardom was long and elusive.


 He served in the US Army and continued his baseball career in the American Negro League and the minor tournaments, and he also worked in a smelter in Montana, because he began to form his family and his success became inevitable for him.

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 Charlie Braid started singing, but he did not quit playing baseball, but he did not go to Nafchel at the time, rather he waited until he signed with RCA in 1965.


 In 1967 he released his first album, titled “Just Between You and Me”, which consisted of ten country musician songs with his voice.

Charlie Pride
Charley Pride


 And after the success of the album,  Charlie Pride moved to the path of singing, until it had a distinguished place in the history of country music singing.

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 Pride’s accomplishments were not limited to, as he received many awards, including the award for “Best Male Vocal Performance in the Country” in 1972.


 And also in addition to many prizes awarded by the Association of Country Music in 1971.

Charlie Pride


 His last performance was on the November 11th at the CMA Awards, where he performed the song “Kiss and Angel Good Mornin” with Jimmie Allen.

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 He told NPR that he often resists naming the pioneers. “I’ve never seen anything but the strong American Charlie Pride,” he said. “When I got into it, they used different descriptions. They would say, ‘Charlie, how did it feel to be Jackie Robinson to country music? Or, “How did you feel about being the first country singer of color?” Fakhr said.

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 “It doesn’t bother me, other than I have to explain it to you – how I maneuvered around all these obstacles to get to where I am today. I have a grandson and a daughter, and they will be asking them that if we didn’t come out of this crutch we’d all been trying to get rid of all these years. , As you see?”






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