Preparations for Melania Trump’s exit from the presidential palace


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Preparations for Melania Trump’s exit from the presidential palace


After losing President Donald Trump in the US presidential election and winning the position of Democrat candidate Joe Biden, this made his wife, Donald Trump Melania Trump prepare to leave the White House until the next First Lady, who is Biden’s generation, takes her place.

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 And she was the first to prepare for Melania Trump’s exit from the presidential palace, so she gathered all her possessions of paintings and her own items and some pieces of furniture, according to what her special advisor said to Melania Trump, who is Marseille Lee Kelly.

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 And Kelly said that Melania Tramb wants to leave the White House without problems and will also move to her home in Maralago with her 14-year-old son, Barron.

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 As for the projects that Melania Trump wants to do, which is the production of a special book that tells about her biography, according to what all former first ladies do, even the next first lady, she is focusing on her project “Be Better” to support children and protect them from problems and problems. The environment around them.

Melania Trump
Melania Trump

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 Despite all of this, former President Donald Trump continues to post on social media that he doubts the outcome of the presidential elections, regardless of his wife, who started her equipment going from the White House.

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