Trump’s attempts to overturn his presidential election result, with Democratic candidate Joe Biden winning

Twitter re-grants authentication badge and Trump threatens to lose it

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Trump’s attempts to overturn his presidential election result, with Democratic candidate Joe Biden winning


Formerr US President Donald Trump has stated the correctness of the reports that spoke of his intention to overthrow the results of the US presidential elections that toppled him from the White House in favor of his rival, Democratic President Joe Biden.

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 Trump said in a series of tweets that he posted on his personal account on the social networking site Twitter and Facebook in the early hours of Sunday morning, saying that members of his Republican party must fight to amend the election results and convert the result in favor of Trump, and he also talked about a plot to overthrow By winning Democratic President Joe Biden.

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 “It is time for Republican congressmen to step up and fight for the presidency, just as the Democrats would have done if they had actually won,” Trump stated.

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 He continued by saying, and he also explained with evidence of fraud in the result of the presidential election, as he said, “It is indisputable” and that “there is a significant decrease in mailed ballot papers in swing states, and ballot boxes have been stuffed (videotaped), in addition to double voters, dead voters and signatures Fake, illegal immigrant voters, and Republican voting observers blocking.

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 He also continued: “There are more votes than the actual voters (see Detroit and Philadelphia) … the numbers are much greater than necessary to win the single swing states, and cannot even be contested.”

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 And he continued in his recent statements, saying, “The courts are bad, and the FBI and the Department of Justice have not done their work. The election system in the United States looks like the system of a third world country .. The freedom of the press is gone for a long time when everything ends, and this period of time becomes merely.” Another ugly chapter in the history of our country, we will win. “

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 As for the social networking site, Twitter, it placed Donald Trump’s tweets a warning stating that Trump’s tweets consider the allegation about election fraud disputed.



 On the other hand, the American “Axios” website stated statements made by senior officials that Trump is turning against most of the officials under his administration, considering that they are cowards and traitors, and this is just because they accept the election results and the victory of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and do not agree with him in the conspiracy theory or His desire to overturn those results.

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