Trump calls for demonstration on January 6, the day Joe Biden is inaugurated as president


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Trump calls for demonstrations on January 6, the day Joe Biden is inaugurated as president


In the recent statements of former President Donald Trump yesterday, where Trump posted on the personal social networking sites of former President Donald Trump on Twitter and Facebook calling for a protest against the result of the presidential elections that declared Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden winning on the sixth of this week

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 Four marches will be launched to demand that Congress cancel the results of the presidential elections, and these demonstrators believe that the presidential election results have been rigged.

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 The day has been set for Congress to ratify the outcome of the presidential electionelection, announcing the victory of President-elect Joe Biden.


 On the same day, rallies of pro-trump demonstrators are planned to the Washington Monument, Freedom Plaza and the Capitol Building.

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 However, it is spreading on social media, messages and chats of Yemeni groups that this day will not pass easily and that these peaceful demonstrations will not continue until the end.


 On the other hand, trump continues to call for his supporters to meet around the capital


 “January 6th, see you in the capital!” He tweeted Wednesday.

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 Another protest, dubbed the “Land Protest,” referring to Trump’s tweets earlier this month, is slated to take place in the northeast quadrant of Capitol Park.

 A smaller demonstration organized by James Ibley, a Trump supporter, of South Carolina, will lead a few hundred people from the mall to the Capitol, according to a permit request filed earlier this month.

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 A new group called the 80 percent coalition applied for permission this week to hold a demonstration of up to 10,000 people.

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 As the Metropolitan Police Chief, Robert J. Conte III, who will take charge of the administration on Saturday and responsible for securing demonstrations, has also stated that the police are ready to facilitate peaceful protests, but “violence will not be tolerated.”









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