Her strange reaction to Melania Trump regarding the US Congress building accident


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Her strange reaction to Melania Trump regarding the US Congress building accident

Melania Trump


While the demonstrators, supporters of Donald Trump, stormed the US Capitol, and the attack led to the death of four people, including a woman, and many injuries, and among all this, First Lady Melania Trump was focusing on getting a photo session at the White House, according to what CNN confiscated .

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 And some sources have stated that the first lady is working on writing a book on a coffee table about the decorative elements that were restored and repaired during the reign of her husband Donald Trump, but she was supervising a photo session, and on the other hand, violent events were happening only two miles from the White House. .

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 “Pictures of carpets and other items were taken in the Executive Headquarters and the East Wing,” said a CNN source familiar with the first lady’s agenda.

Melania Trump

 But after Melania Trump learned about the storming of the US Congress building, she was standing side by side with White House President Timothy Harlith, and they showed no interest in what was happening.

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 When Melania Trump’s aides asked if she wanted to say a word or a statement calling for peace and quiet, she chose not to say anything and remain silent.

Melania Trump

 On the other hand, another source told CNN that Melania Trump did not comment on the incident because she “is not in a place anymore mentally or emotionally where she wants to participate.”

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 This also explains that she had said in recent weeks that she “just wants to go home.”

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1 thought on “Her strange reaction to Melania Trump regarding the US Congress building accident”

  1. We love you Melania and Donald I’m so sorry you were both treated so horribly by the party of Satan! They will pay for the treatment of you worse than their wildest nightmares! Goal is a Democrat free country!

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