Biden salutes the remains of a policeman killed during the storming of the Capitol

Frist lady Jill Biden

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Biden salutes the remains of a policeman killed during the storming of the Capitol


Joe Biden, the new President of the United States, saluted the remains of the policeman Brian Sekinik, who was killed during a storming of the Capitol building on January 6, 2021, after the former president instigated a rally and demonstration

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Brian Siknick was a policeman who was among the elements whose mission was to secure the Capitol and who died due to being hit on the head with a fire

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extinguishing, during his response to the riots and violence that occurred in the Congress building by supporters and supporters of former President Donald Trump

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President Joe biden and his wife, Jal Biden, arrived at the Congress headquarters, and under the Capitol dome, they saluted the remains of Brian

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Sekinik, that ashes that had been placed in a box and placed on the table, and Biden bowed before him out of respect for him and for his role in countering the riot attempts

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Since his death, Seknik has received many honorary stations, including flags at half-mast over the Capitol, and hundreds of police officers lined up in Washington to say a farewell salute as the dead car that was transporting his body passed by.


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