What is the love story that combine Jill Biden and Joe Biden?

Jill Biden

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What is the love story that combines Joe and Jill Biden?

Jill Biden


A love story that lasted for more than forty years between the first lady Jill Biden and the US President Joe Biden, and both of them still showed feelings of love between them many times and even many official meetings

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 “I adore it,” Biden said in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning in August. “I’d look so stupid – I used to say one day, when you go down the stairs and look at her, my heart still skips a beat.”

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 As for Biden’s generation, she wrote their love story in her 2019 public diary and said, “Where does the light enter: build a family, discover myself.” She wrote that her husband’s staff was joking that “the answer to” Where is the vice president? “It is always:” Well, where is she? “

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 The marriage between Joe and Biden’s generation was not their first marriage, but rather each had a different stage that resulted from it. Joe’s wife and daughter died in a car accident in 1972, leaving him a widower with two sons. As for Joe Biden and her husband, they filed for divorce in her first year of college.


 After the first date Joe and Jill Biden had together, Jill called her mother and told her, “Mum, I finally met a gentleman.”



 Five times Joe proposed marriage to Jill

 Before Jill finally said yes, and they got married in 1977.


 And neither of them is ashamed to show their feelings to the public, as they have appeared in many meetings and they kiss.


 When Joe launched his presidential campaign in May 2019, Jill  BidenBiden joined him on stage to get a kiss.

Jill Biden

 And while Biden was on his way to visit the wounded service personnel at Walter Reed.


 They took off their face masks to kiss them while Joe Marin One rode in January 2021.

Jill Biden

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