Will Howard Keren put President Joe Biden’s son-in-law in crisis, or not?

Howard Keren

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Will Howard Keren put President Joe Biden’s son-in-law in crisis, or not?

Howard Keren

President Biden’s son-in-law Howard Keren’s investment in a healthcare company working to participate in the coronavirus vaccine effort has raised a lot of eyebrows in ethical circles and this comes after President Joe Biden pledged that family members will not influence government affairs.

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 Yosi Health CEO Hari Prasad has created a program that helps make the vaccine process more efficient and easier and seeks help from one of his early investors, StartUp Health, which is already hiring Biden’s son-in-law, Howard Keren, as its chief medical officer. ABC News.

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 “Our goal with StartUp Health is to strengthen their relationships and work with state and federal agencies,” he told ABC News.

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 On the other hand, the commercial dealings of Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, in Ukraine and China, raised concerns during the 2020 presidential election campaign for Biden’s 2020 presidential election campaign about his abuse of influence.


 And now Howard Keren interferes in healthcare poses the most resolute ethical question of management.

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 Sources for The New York Post also revealed, in a series of reports in October, about how the younger Biden got a seat on the board of directors of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, while his father was vice president in the Obama administration.


 Is this related to the influence of his father, Joe Biden at the time?

Hunter Biden

 A White House spokesman said the president would maintain “the highest ethical standards for himself, his administration, and those around him.”

 Michael Gwen said: “Any hint to the contrary is completely false and not supported by facts.”


 StartUp Health promoted its Washington connections and promoted Howard Keren’s travels with Biden to promote cancer research and the former vice president’s appearances at the annual festival.

 Howard Keren’s wife Ashley Biden said, “I spoke with my stepfather that day, and I mentioned that Steve and the unit were there [in DC].” “[Biden] knew about StartUp Health and was a big fan of him. He asked for Steve’s number and said,” I have to bring them here to talk to Barack. “The Secret Service came and brought Steve and the unit and brought them to the Oval Office.”

Ashley Biden, 39, is a social worker, activist, and fashion designer. Ashley was born on June 8, 1981 in Wilmington, Delaware, the daughter of Joe Biden and his second wife Jill Biden, who is the only child of her husband. She is also the half-sister of Hunter Biden, the only surviving son of Joe Biden from his first marriage. She was also a half-brother of Biden's father, but he died after his struggle with cancer in 2015, which the Biden family continues to mention always, and even Ashley Biden loved him deeply. Ashley's educational career continued, and she obtained a master's degree in social work from the University of Pennsylvania, and began her career as a social worker responsible for career development and educational communication. In 2014, Ashley was appointed executive director of the Delaware Center for Justice in her state of origin, which focuses on criminal justice reform. She also started creating her lifestyle clothing brand in 2017, creating hoodies and other items to raise money for programs addressing income inequality. Ashley also told Delaware Today: “My father always taught me that silence is complicity and that I should defend anyone who is being treated unfairly. "This has stayed with me into adulthood, and it's a guiding principle in my career." "I'm very proud of her," her father, Joe Biden, said at a pre-fashion event in New York. "She's been trying to change the world since she was three years old, and I think she will." She began dating Howard Keren, plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist, after her brother Bo introduced her. They married in an interfaith Jewish Catholic ceremony at St. Joseph's in Brandywine in 2012. Her husband, who is Jewish, works at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia and is an assistant professor of facial, plastic and reconstructive surgery. Joe Biden is also a devout Catholic. Ashley Biden joined her husband, father, and brother in a private meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican in 2016.

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