Democrats’ anger at Ted Cruz led to his resignation from the party

Ted Cruz

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Democrats’ anger at Ted Cruz led to his resignation from the party

Ted Cruz


Ted Cruz released a statement explaining his decision to leave the state and saying that he will be returning home Thursday afternoon. “It was an infuriating week for Texas,” he said, and his family “lost heat and strength as well.”

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 And Ted Cruz also: “With school canceled for this week, our girls are asking to go on a trip with friends.” “I want to be a good dad, I flew with them last night and will be back this afternoon. My staff and I are in constant touch with state and local leaders to find out what really happened in Texas.

 “We want to restore our energy, water and the warmth of our homes. My team and I will continue to use all of our resources to keep the people of Texas informed and safe,” he added.

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 But with the news of Ted Cruz’s trip, this behavior angered many Democrats – especially since millions of people across Texas suffered from a lack of electricity and heat and suffered disruptions to the water system for several days in record-low temperatures.


 This led to a decision by the Democratic Party to quit Ted Cruz from the party, and he tweeted: “Texans are dying on a flight to Cancun. #TedCruzRESIGN.”

Ted Cruz


 State Rep. Jin Woo tweeted late Wednesday, “Guess a United States Senator from Texas flew to Cancun while the state was freezing to death and having to boil water?” A picture showed Cruz walking down the aisle of a plane he was in.


 Representative Mark Buchan, a whiskey Democrat, also tweeted on Thursday, “It must be easy to not believe in climate change if you can leave millions of Texans suffering without electricity or water to sit on a beach in Cancun.”

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 Robert Mann, who worked as Louisiana Communications Director Kathleen Blanco and made his statement during Hurricane Katrina, told NBC News that he couldn’t think of anyone as prominent as Cruz leaving his state after a disaster.

 Robert Mann, now a professor of journalism at Louisiana State University, said: “This is the time when elected officials want to show their constituents their commitment to helping them.” “Leaving the country anywhere at a time like this defies all common and political common sense, not to mention vacationing in a warm, warm place like Cancun. It is among the stupidest and most cruel things I have ever seen for any politician.”

 Ted Cruz tweeted a video of a CNN division in early December about how Democratic officials were arrested not following their own guidelines when it comes to Covid-19. Cruz called them, “the hypocrites. The hypocrites and the absolutes.”


 Not to forget, he said in his tweet that Austin Mayor Steve Adler “took a private jet with eight people to Cabo, while in Cabo he recorded a video clip telling Austenitz to stay home if I could … This is not the time to relax.”

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