New slapped Donald Trump from the Supreme Court

Donald Trump

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New slapped Donald Trump from the Supreme Court 

Donald Trump

And Donald Trump received another defeat, as the Supreme Court refused on Monday to intervene to stop the transfer of his tax records to the attorney general in New York.

 And this decision was made for the second time by the Supreme Court, after a long battle was fought to transfer tax records.

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 This is because Trump’s tax records should not be released as part of the attorney general’s criminal investigation, but this Supreme Court action shatters big hopes for Donald Trump as he has fought for a long time on many fronts to keep his tax records out of sight.


 This case was in the Supreme Court’s written notes in the case on October 19.

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 However, the court postponed its decision due to the presence of three parties to Trump in the Supreme Court, and they preferred to wait until the presidential election results ended.

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 It was Cyrus Vance, Jr., was seeking to obtain the records of Donald Trump that are in the Mazars company, but Donald Trump filed a lawsuit not to publish these records. This is why the Supreme Court ruling is largely in Vance’s favor

Donald Trump

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 Since the Supreme Court ruling, in the Vance case, Trump’s attorneys have made additional arguments that his tax records should not be turned over, but that they lost again in federal court in New York and on appeal. Those were the provisions that Trump sought to delay.

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